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Signer # 5. How funny it would be to watch professors fight to teach those intro-level course that they have all their lives avoided!
Jason Bell <>
Vanderbilt, Student -
I believe that this program to make students responsible for a teachers'salary is very positive. Frankly, I have had my share of teachers that simply did not care about the class and only wanted to leave the classroom and pick up their paycheck. This would allow for more care on the part of the teachers and would make the students feel in greater control of the education that they pay so dearly for.
Miguel Coias <>
Vanderbilt, Poly Sci -
I am sick of the same old things, we need a revolution! We need better teachers by financially reward them for their effort. We have to stop punishing teachers who actually challenge the students with tough ideas and encourage further learning for those professors who stopped improve their teaching style once they acquired tenure.
Hsiu Chang <>
Vanderbilt University, Student -
Signer #2. This would discourage weak teachers from continuing.
john lachs <>
vanderbilt university, faculty -
Signer #1: Great and practical idea!
Matt Hedges <>
Vanderbilt, Student -