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Ole Miss AOII:  http://olemissaoii.com
Designed by Hedges Innovations (Matt Hedges).
July 2003

Here's an example of a site which takes advantage of PHP and MySQL.  I constructed a database in which someone could easily add and edit a new member's information without having to know HTML.  Other features are an editable calendar and menu.


JB Furs:  http://jbfurs.com
Designed by Hedges Innovations (Matt Hedges).

JBFurs.com is an excellent example of what HI can do for a "brick and mortar" business who wishes to expand sales to the Internet.  HI acquired the domain name for the business, then went about building the web presence for them.  This site (will) use a Miva Merchant shopping cart (coupled with Verisign security) and Microsoft SQL server to manage the online client database.

As far as the design goes, I used Fireworks to make the rollover graphics.  I also used some ASP.

Proposal for Ole Miss School of Business:  http://hedges.org/olemissproposal
Designed by Hedges Innovations (Matt Hedges).
Jan. 2003

This is a site I built as part of my assistantship working for the school of business (I'm currently getting my MBA); I built it as a proposal to replace the current site (the given theme was "The Art of Business").  It wasn't accepted, but I like the menu and layout a lot.  The images were not created by me and are copyright U. of Mississippi.

The Hedges:  http://hedges.org/thehedges
Designed by Hedges Innovations (Matt Hedges). 

Built in 1996, The Hedges, a 3D interactive hedge maze, was one of the world's first truly successful 3D websites.  Amongst other awards, it was chosen as a USA Today "Hot Site of the Week."


I used a VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) tool to create the site.  A user can walk (or fly, if he or she prefers) through the maze, interacting with objects found along the way.


Since we live in a 3 dimensional world, at the time I expected 3D web pages to be the next big thing- why shop online at the 2D Amazon.com when you could be walking through a virtual bookstore?  My prediction was obviously way-off; however, I am still quite proud of this site.

More Sites Designed by HI Web Solutions:  
-The Simpsons Site

The Simpsons Site was one of the first websites I built.  It has received millions of hits.


An associate site with Amazon.com and eMerchandise.com.  Under construction.

-The Tie Shack

Buy ties.  Online.

-The Daily Muse

TheDailyMuse.com is a site I built for some poet friends and myself to house our poetry.  It hasn't been updated in a long, long time.

-The University of Mississippi Banking and Finance Council

One feature of this site is a registration database I made for them.  When someone registers, the information is sorted and stored on a separate webpage, viewable by whoever needs to access that data.


"You have done a great job with the webpage.  The layout is very impressive and your promptness is accomplishing this job is commendable.  Thanks so much."  -S. Crawford, a member of the council.




(c) copyright 1996, 2002,
 Hedges Innovations.